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Supported by International Alliance of Inhabitants

The movement for democracy in Zimbabwe has just raised the stakes: hundreds of activists in Southern Africa, including Desmond Tutu, have begun a rolling hunger strike to press for justice. This regional demonstration of commitment is putting real and growing pressure on leaders to demand a fair settlement in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has descended to an almost unimaginable state of desperation. Most of Zimbabwe’s 11 million people eat one meal a day-or less. But as pressure rises at home, in the region, and around the world, Mugabe’s grip on power may be slipping. Click below and join the one day global solidarity fast -(from sun up to sun down)- the more of us that fast the stronger the call for justice and democracy. Watch Kumi Naidoo’s video appeal – he will deliver our global message of solidarity to African heads of state gathering in Ethiopia on Sunday, 1 February!

We, the undersigned, pledge to fast for a day in solidarity with the Zimbabwean people. We call on leaders throughout Africa-and the world-to act now to decisively support their struggle for justice, democracy, and survival:

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